Isabelle Boulay | Tout un jour

isabelle boulay 2006 ISABELLE BOULAY | Tout un jour tour 2004-2005-2006 – In 1993 she represented Radio Canada at the “Truffe de Périgueux” festival held in Périgord, France. She carried off the prize for Best Singer in the “chanson francophone” (francophone song) category. Following her success in France, she was noticed by songwriter Luc Plamondon who was looking for emerging talents to perform in a new production of his rock opera Starmania. There, Boulay portrayed the role of Marie-Jeanne. In 1996, Boulay released her debut album, Fallait pas. Also in 1996, Boulay’s vocal portrayal of internationally-successful Quebec singer Alys Robi was featured in a television drama.

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